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LACTE was the Los Angeles Collaborative for Teacher Excellence.

Project Description:

LACTE, a six-year, $5,500,000 project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), was an NSF Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP)  program from 1995-2001.

This website serves as the final dissemination piece for the LACTE project. It documents the results of the project and provides access to resources developed during the LACTE funding period. After the funding period ended, many of the pre-professional activities for future teachers, which originated under the grant, continued to evolve. This website shows the status of that evolution in January 2004, three years post-funding, and provides links to ongoing activities for future K-12 math and science teachers in the greater Los Angeles area.

LACTE brought together science and mathematics faculty from ten institutions of higher learning in Los Angeles and Orange counties in southern California, including five four-year institutions (Occidental College, Loyola Marymount University and California State Universities at Dominguez Hills, Fullerton and Los Angeles), each partnered with a two-year institution (Glendale, Santa Monica, El Camino, Fullerton and East Los Angeles Colleges, respectively).

LACTE produced many changes in the teaching of science and mathematics throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  Specifically, the project directly transformed college faculty, college curriculum, and pre-service and new teachers.  These changes were the result of improvements in the teaching of college faculty, revisions to Kó12 teacher preparation programs, and enhanced pre-professional experiences.

LACTE was part of the National Science Foundation Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP), a larger, ongoing, nationwide effort to promote excellence and innovation in science and mathematics education, and to expand participation in these fields by underrepresented students.

This website serves as the final dissemination piece for the LACTE project and was updated for the last time in January 2004.


        Curriculum Innovation

Designed courses and course modules that integrated content and technology with active learning strategies and effective assessment techniques.

        Future and Novice Teacher Support

Offered mentoring and financial support, as well as internships and other pre-professional experiences for students preparing for or beginning careers in mathematics and science teaching.

        Faculty Development

Supported and encouraged college faculty to explore and implement new techniques for promoting student-centered learning.

        Institutional Reform

Encouraged campus culture to value excellence in teaching and give priority to the preparation of future teachers.


Assessed the process and results of LACTE activities and programs, including courses and modules, pre-professional experiences and workshops using qualitative and quantitative instruments and case studies.


Provided opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration, particularly between two-year and four-year institutions.


Produced print and electronic records documenting LACTE's efforts to enhance science and mathematics education.  Sponsored conferences to share LACTE teaching and curricular innovations.

NSF DUE 94-53608