Future and Novice Teachers Activities

Pre-professional development for future and new teachers was a very successful component of the LACTE project.  Events, fieldtrips, workshops, internships, and student groups contributed to the pre-professional experiences of LACTE participants.  The Future Teachers Conference, Meet the Teachers Roundtable, and the Science Teachers Leadership Workshop, originated by LACTE educators, were effective vehicles to recruit, retain, and better prepare K-12 teachers in mathematics and science.  Internships in both formal and informal educational settings offered real life teaching experiences for preservice teachers.  Student groups formed at each campus established a meeting place for future teachers to engage in discussions regarding educational issues.  The student activities calendar provided a global listing of all the activities and events collaborative-wide.  The pre-professional experiences provided prospective and novice teachers with broad and rich educational experiences, a forum to meet others with similar career goals, and an avenue to establish a support network so critical to surviving their first years in the classroom. 


FUTURE TEACHERS CONFERENCE (sponsored by Washington Mutual since 2001)

The Future Teachers Conference is a one-day event focusing on the skills and information needed to navigate the credential process, land an initial teaching job, and be successful in the first year in the classroom.


MEET THE TEACHERS ROUNDTABLE (sponsored by Washington Mutual since 2004)

Meet the Teachers Roundtable is a half-day event where prospective and new teachers participate in exemplary hands-on math and science lessons, learn how to present these lessons, and make appointments to visit classrooms of role model teachers.



The weeklong workshop and week-end follow-up meetings are designed for new K-12 teachers of science.  During the workshop, participants  experience hands-on inquiry-based activities in the life sciences and learn how to use new approaches to stimulate student interest in science.



LACTE has supported a variety of field experience internships with each intern having a mentored teaching experience guided by a skilled mentor teacher.



Each of the LACTE campuses formed student groups that joined preservice teachers, college faculty, and K-12 role model teachers to discuss pertinent educational issues, experience teaching related activities, and attend field trips.



During the 5 years of the LACTE project, scholarships totaling $500,000 were distributed to future teachers at the two-year colleges, four-year institutions, and to post-baccalaureate students working on their teaching credentials.



A collaborative-wide calendar was created each year to inform all future and new teachers about events, activities, conferences, meetings, and field trips.


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