Student Groups

In order to establish a support network for prospective teachers, student groups were established at each campus.  Each support group consisted of 6-20 students under the leadership of a math and/or science faculty member, an education faculty member (at the four-year institutions), and a K-12 classroom teacher, who all served as “professional role models.”  The frequency of meetings and activities varied by campus, typically student groups meet 4 times per term.  It was the responsibility of the role model teachers to determine the activities for the student group meetings.  A Speakers Bureau, field trips, and calendars of activities were provided by LACTE were available for student group meetings. 

Recruitment Strategies:

In addition to the Student Groups, LACTE campuses developed creative and effective ways to recruit future teachers to the project.  Some strategies that were particularly successful are listed below.  An asterisk (*) identifies a strategy intended to target minority preservice teachers.

Brochures, flyers, announcements in gateway courses, math/science counselors, Honors programs, student clubs for math and science, *ethnic student clubs, student clubs for future teachers

Personal contacts by faculty, staff, administrators

Classroom presentations by faculty and/or future teachers

*Coordination with the CSU-AMP (Alliance for Minority Participation) Program

*Coordination with the MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Alliance) Program

*Contact minority students via mailing followed by information meeting

Distributing surveys of interest to math and science classes

Special meetings/lunches/receptions to attract participants

Advertising internship opportunities and scholarships

Materials distributed by campus recruiters

Information disseminated by financial aid office

Information disseminated by the Education Department at credential information meetings

At several campuses, the LACTE student groups have formed a new or merged with an existing Campus Teachers Club.



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