During the 5 years of the LACTE project, scholarships totaling $500,000 were distributed to future teachers at the two-year colleges, four-year institutions, and to post-baccalaureate students working on their teaching credentials.  Scholarships were important for retention of these prospective teachers; about 50 LACTE students received NSF-supported scholarships of $500 to $4000 each year.  To receive these scholarships, students were required to show not only academic ability, but also interest in and commitment to teaching.  For some recipients, the scholarship allowed them to go to school full time instead of part time, or to complete their credential rather than entering teaching on an emergency permit.  Scholarship applications were accepted twice during each academic year so that awards could be granted for the fall and spring semesters.  Both the Scholarship Application Form and the Letter of Reference Form are available below in PDF format.


Scholarship Application Form

Letter of Reference Form


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