The original LACTE grant proposal included field experiences as part of the pre-professional training of its future teachers.  This component of the project was initiated in 1996 with pilot internships at six sites and grew significantly as the project matured. All LACTE internships provided each intern with a mentored teaching experience under the guidance of skilled teachers. By the end of the project about 50 LACTE students did internships annually.  Some received monetary support for their internships, and many more worked just for the experience, or sometimes for course credit.  LACTE internships were cited by students as an important factor in their preparation for a career in teaching. See, for example the comments of one LACTE intern, Barbara Vasquez.

In California many students defer their "fifth year" credentialing requirements and enter teaching directly after their undergraduate degree, without having any education courses or student teaching.  By allowing the interns to both observe and practice teaching in a safe environment, LACTE provided them with an early and highly valuable pre-professional experience.   These internships have been institutionalized by universities, K-12 schools, museums and science centers, who see the advantages of supporting pre-service teachers in this way.

In setting up and evaluating these internships, LACTE developed a number of useful instruments and reports:

Desired Characteristics for a LACTE Internship

Internship Guidelines

Internship Evaluation Form

A Sampler of Internship Descriptions



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