Journal and Textbook Publications

Many LACTE faculty shared their work with colleagues through publications in refereed journals and a textbook.  They include:

Choe, T. and P. Drennan, “Encouraging Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature using a Jigsaw Group Activity,” Journal of College Science Teaching, 1999.

Fathe, L., and E. Hoagland, "Advice to Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) Grant Writers," The CUR Quarterly, September, 1998.

Fathe, L.,  J.Quinn, and M. McDonald, "An Integrated Calculus and Mechanics Course for Weakly Prepared Students," Journal of College Science Teaching, 27(2), November, 1998.

Kasabian, J., J. Dewar and L. Fathe,  "A Future Teachers Conference - A Vehicle to Retain, Inform, and Inspire New and Prospective Teachers," Journal of Mathematics and Science:  Collaborative Explorations, Spring, 2002.

Paulson, D.R., “Active Learning and Cooperative Learning in the Organic Chemistry Lecture Class,” Journal of Chemical Education, 1999, 76, 1136-1141.

Paulson, D.R., and J. L. Faust, “Active Learning,” Instructionally Speaking, 1998 VII(2), California State University, Los Angeles, CA, 1998.

Paulson, D.R., and J. L. Faust, “Active Learning in the College Classroom,” Journal of Excellence in College Teaching, 1998, 9(2), 3-24.

McQueen, N.L., and S.B. Sharpe, “Molecular Diagnostics—An Upper Division/Graduate Course,” Biochemical Education, 1999, 27, 145-149.

Zill, Dennis,  Differential Equations with Computer Lab Experiments, 2nd ed., Brooks/Cole Publishers, 1998.


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