LACTE Sponsored Conferences

Over the past six years, LACTE was involved in sponsoring several conferences in math and science.  They include:

A conference for CETP Projects:

“Celebrate Our Successes and Understand our Challenges”

 CSU Dominguez Hills. June 1997


“Beyond Curriculum” (LACTE/MASTEP Symposium)

California State University Los Angeles, October 16, 1998


“Promoting Excellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics”  (co-sponsored with MASTEP)

            San Francisco, CA, November 1999


Discipline-based Showcase Workshops:

“Active Learning Strategies in Teaching Chemistry”

                        CSU Los Angeles, October, 1997


“Using Classroom Worksheets to Improve Student Understanding”

                         CSU Dominguez Hills, January, 1998


“Integrating Technology and Pedagogy in the Geological Sciences”

                        CSU Fullerton, February 1998


“An Exposition of Innovative Curricula in Mathematics” 

                             Glendale College, October, 1999


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